And after Valetines … the Wedding

Did you know? Approximately 10% of marriage proposals will happen on Valentine’s Day.

It’s estimated that 2.2 million couples in the USA and 220,000 UK couples get married each year. And so there is a huge business that has developed around the happy occasion. Pure Illustration play our part by providing artwork for Greeting Cards, Stationery, Wedding Favours and other gifts related to Wedding and our artists create beautiful illustration to celebrate the moment.

Here are some examples of our artists work on theme. Many will be available to purchase in a high street store near you….

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Design Round Up -Valentines Day

It’s that time of year again. Wear your heart on your sleeve and tell that special person how you feel about them.

The shops are full of Valentines product and imagery right now and Pure Illustration supply many publishers and manufacturers around the world with the artwork they need to attract the necessary attention. Here are some of Pure Illustration’s top pick for Valentines artwork – available to license for a wide range of product uses.


Libby Bothway created this fun and exciting piece which is full of the naivety of young love! Simple messages revel in simple illustration.




Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! Here’s to an inspiring 2017 filled with lots of beautiful illustration from our Pure Artists! To have a little break from Christmas and instead bring in the new, here is a roundup of some party / congratulations images to kick off the New Year.

Firstly artist Dale Edwin Murray provides a bold, fun illustration with a true party feel. Simple in execution but a real original in style.


Next artist Anita Frager  provides a drink inspired piece, a contemporary palette and a satisfying medley of glasses and bottles with a feminine and fun feel.


Artist Reginald Swinney adds an energetic, dancing robot design to the mix – a vintage feel and parred back palette work well here. A charming party piece.


Simple subject but effective with a strong palette, Catherine Aguilar provides a burst of colour with some party hats, suitable for cards, wrapping or packaging, a truly versatile design.


Lastly Alice Potter, provides us with a collection of congratulations designs, a real contemporary palette, these designs have a really modern, on trend feel.


Cover Image by Charlotte Hardy

Artists Interview – Reginald Swinney

Pure Illustration represent many talented illustrators and artists, and we license their artwork to publishers and manufacturers all over the world. Sometimes, in the day to day of business, it is easy to loose sight of the fact that the artwork is the price and joy of a certain artist rather than a commercial product that will help a product sell. And so we like to take the time to introduce our artists and illustrators as individuals, so that our customers can connect with their story. Here’s a recent chat we had with Luke aka Reginald Swinney.

1. How did you find yourself working in the world of art licensing?

I have been working as a freelance illustrator since Leaving the University of Lincoln in 2010. I have worked on a wide variety of projects/commissions, with a growing client base year on year. I decided to try and find an extra outlet for my work regarding greetings card designs, inspired by the popularity and positive feedback from cards I produced for craft fairs, etc. After submitting samples to a few different agencies, I found the right agency for me in Pure.

2. Are there any artists who inspire your work?

I found my love of illustration when I was young. I started by collecting Pokemon cards and loved the mixture of designs and artworks on them, but I found my self collecting and keeping the more illustrative ones. I also consider my self a collector of design and illustration, and put all items I find of interest on my studio wall. (some people think of this wall as a work of art within itself) This can range from packaging, newspaper/ magazine cuttings, bottle tops or even just a scrap of material of which I like the look of. Whenever I am low on new ideas, I find myself looking at my inspiration wall, which never fails to aid me. I follow a few illustrators on Instagram and love to see their post and updates. One in particular is “Joey Chou” who has a very simplistic but charming illustrative style. Their work is full of simplistic yet charming characters and animals, with a beautiful use of colour. I am a fan of all things retro and vintage (though I’m sure this is a noticeable theme in my work).


3. Describe your work space, do you have a mascot or a favourite pen?

My studio desk is often in chaos with papers and pencils dotted around with just enough space for my Mac, keyboard and mouse. I often move from project to project working on multiple things at once, so having everything around me is a must. As I said previously, I have my wall of inspiration at my studio with all my interesting findings.

4. Do you have a ritual before you start your creative work?

I often watch or listen to things whilst working, as it tends to help me to stay focused. I regularly listen to the Karl Pilkington podcasts, including their old XFM broadcast (where it all began). I’m sure to of listened to them all plenty of  times. I often sit working, thinking about how this doesn’t feel like a real job. Though the stress of 3-4 deadlines at the same time soon bring me to reality.

pure illustration reginald swinney art licensing christmas card designs.jpeg

5. What is a typical day like when you are creating?

My typical creative day would involve looking at samples, colour pallets/ swatches and trying to emerge my self within a project, I always have something on in the background, and will only stop working to make myself a brew (Cup of tea)

6. What has been the proudest moment in your art career?

My proudest moments are seeing anything I have worked on in print. However, I often find that my work is used abroad in countries such as Canada, America, Singapore and India, which means I don’t often get to see the published works. However, my client in Singapore has sent samples to me, and find the “panda packs” to be charming, and probably my favourite project to date. They are children’s activities packs, delivered monthly when a subscription is obtained.


7. Who would be your dream customer to see your work in?

I love Disney’s wonderground gallery (they produce more illustrative representations of Disney films and rides, etc.) and I would love to produce something for them. Other than that, I would feel proud if I produced a Christmas biscuit tin for a large supermarket such as Marks and Spencer. Knowing that you have the legacy of your tin being used to store the household sewing kit in, for years to come, would be the dream.

8. How would you like to develop your work in the future? The art licensing market has changed a lot in the last 5 years. How do you see your work developing and are there any projects you would like to be involved in like magazine work or a gardening book.

Outside of Pure design, I produce works for companies across the globe which are mostly small/start up companies.  A large body of this work is for children’s educational materials, such as worksheets and activity books, this is defiantly something I would like to pursue in addition to my card designs, I also think my style has some potential for editorial and magazines.

Pure Illustration – the agency for artists and illustrators working in art markets worldwide –

Design Roundup: Christmas Picks

This week I am selecting a few favourite new designs by Pure artists. They don’t necessarily fall under one theme like the usual blog posts but here are a selection of some lovely designs I wanted to mention.

Firstly artist Louise Cunningham has created the most wonderful Christmas High Street scene, I love the colours, the bustling energy and all the affectionate details on the people and shop fronts, a true gem of a design.



Artist Hazel Kelly has also created a shop front design, more traditional in style, gorgeous palette and such a lovely story to the piece with two children and a cute dog admiring the toys in a toy shop window – a perfect Christmas scene!


Next, artist Deva Evans has produced a stunning design of a winter hare. Gentle, soft colours and simple composition, and yet a truly beautiful and tranquil piece, I really love this work.


Artist Reginald Swinney provides a more contemporary piece, using an effective modern palette and a lovely arrangement of fonts. This design is also simple in composition and more gentle in palette than traditional Christmas designs but it really works and feels fresh and on trend.


Next, artist David Truman provides a touching Polar Bear family scene, a realistic execution and light palette but still with some drama in the use of shadows works well. This piece draws you in and I love the feel it portrays.


Lastly, Alex Jones provides a truly beautiful winter mountain village scene. I love the palette, the details of the skiers and cable cars, the chalets, there is so much to take in and the village sits so perfectly in the mountain scene, a great work.


Cover image by Charlotte Langstroth.

Tony Parsons Editorial Success – BBC Countryfile Magazine front cover! – Pure Illustration

As you may already know, Pure Illustration are working hard to find our artist’s new commissions and licenses that use their work in lots of different areas of design. We’ve been pushing hard for editorial work and Diane has been contacting lots of magazines and newspapers all over the world to get their work in your publication.

We’ve done quite a bit of editorial work before but this month we’ve completed our biggest and most exciting new project to date. Tony Parsons was commissioned to create the Christmas cover of the BBC Countryfile magazine and we’re really proud that his work is now available to see on shelves all over the country. The commission took about a week to complete and went very smoothly.

Well done Tony – we know you were excited to see this …..


Pure Illustration – the agency for artists and illustrators working in art markets worldwide –

Artist Interview – Tony Parsons

Pure Illustration represent many talented illustrators and artists, some who have worked with us for many years. It’s always interesting to get a back-story about the artist who creates a licensed piece of artwork so we’ve been chatting with our creative team members to find out more about their work. Here is a brief interview with Tony Parsons, Pure Illustration’s most successful Fine Artist.

1. How did you find yourself working in the world of art licensing?
For many years I was a caricature portrait artist. All of the commissioned work led me off on a number of artistic tangents, life drawing when I wanted to improve the postures and landscapes when I wanted to include more advanced backgrounds. I also have a lifelong passion for boats and the sea so I started painting boats and seascapes. I found I quite liked the freedom of painting whatever caught my fancy so began to slowly diversify. I try and do portraiture alongside my landscapes now just to keep it interesting and fresh. Richard at Pure found my work in a tiny but stunningly beautiful Cornish Creek.

2. Are there any artists who inspire your work?
I find a wide variety of artists inspiring. Everyone cites Norman Rockwell but I also love the work of Sebastian Kruger, Pete Wileman and David Atkins. There are so many talented folks out there, many of whom I’m lucky enough to call friends!

Tony PArsons Pure Illustration Artist agents agent agency international editorial fine art commissions.jpg

3. Describe your work space, do you have a mascot or a favourite pen?
A work in a chaotic studio. To the untrained eye it might be considered messy, it is! I have anything up to fifty paintings piled up – some are on their way to owners, galleries or the framers. I also re-use boards that I may have just done a sketch on. Sometimes a bit of a previous sketch pokes through the work and adds something to the piece.

4. Do you have a ritual before you start your creative work?  I.e make a strong coffee, turn on radio 4?

I try not to be on the outside of too much coffee when I work. The neighbouring office has a friend in it, we are both on the Brighton Lifeboat Crew so there is usually a marine VHF radio chirruping in the background. If a shout goes up there is a mad dash for the door as we both run to the vehicles. I like to work to the radio, I love news and current affairs and comedy but also supernatural thrillers. I rarely work to music as it doesn’t seem to fill the right place in my brain for painting.

Tony PArsons Pure Illustration Artist agents agent agency international editorial fine art commissions RNLI art.jpg

5. What is a typical day like when you are creating?
I don’t paint until the afternoon. The morning is usually spent on emails and admin until my brain has warmed up. If I’m painting outside I’ll ofter wander round with my kit until something grabs my attention. I enjoy the challenges of working outside, people coming to see what I’m up to etc. Often you’ll get a surprise pop up that will make it into the final piece. There’s no substitute for being there.

6. What has been the proudest moment in your art career?
I’m delighted to have been given the chance to paint the cover to the BBCs Countryfile Christmas Magazine. The show is a staple favourite and I’ve always admired their composition and camera work – It was an honour to be asked!

Tony PArsons Pure Illustration Artist agents agent agency international editorial fine art commissions bbc countryfile magazine fron t cover.jpg

7. Who would be your dream customer to see your work in? Are there any shops or brands you would love to see your work associated with?
I’m always excited by new challenges. I’d quite like to do a whole calendar at some point. I find the ideas clients bring to me exciting. I’ve been asked to paint directly on to a van before and of course it’s always great to see your work reproduced in the shops!

8. How would you like to develop your work in the future?
I look forward to expanding the scope of my work. Through licensing I’ve found directions I wouldn’t have otherwise pursued. I’ve got a lot more into snow and autumn scenes and recently I’ve been working on a series of golf course paintings which has been enormous fun. I’ve never done a book cover so that would have to be a must

If you would like to commission Tony to create a piece for your publication then please let us know. Tony is also available for private commissions.

Pure Illustration – the agency for artists and illustrators working in art markets worldwide –



Design Roundup: Reindeers

There’s no escaping Christmas! So this week I am continuing to celebrate all the lovely Christmas designs available by Pure artists – this time focusing on Reindeers. So many different styles of Reindeers adorn Christmas products, packaging, stationery, giftware etc etc year on year. Below are just a selection from Pure artists:

Firstly, artist Jessica Philpott provides the below beauty. Gorgeous soft palette and beautiful details too.


Next, artist Boz creates a simple but really effective design. Great structure and composition within the piece, really well balanced but still full of festive charm.


Now artists Justine Kimmer, Julia Crossland and Lorna Murphy all provide such sweet stories within their works. Groups of Reindeers, or Reindeers interacting with other Christmas characters such as Robins or in this case an Elf, are truly charming and will make great greeting cards.




Artist Sarah Croker brings some humour to the blog with this cheerful design. Humour cards are very popular at Christmas as they suit so many sendng situations.


Lastly, artist Clare Shields provides a really sweet design, as well as accompanying repeat pattern suitable for surface pattern licensing. This piece feels very on trend, I love the illustration style and palette, it works really well.


Cover image by me! Sian Summerhayes

Design Roundup: Robins

I’m still feeling the festive spirit cranking up and this week I’m appreciating some of the darling Robins featured by Pure artists. I personally love sending Robin cards as birds are a subject I generally love to work with myself, so here are a few Christmas cuties to feast your eyes on….

Firstly artist Deva Evans provides a real beauty. I love the pared back winter background, the composition generally and the delicate winter foliage details, it’s a gorgeous piece.


Next, this piece by artist Camilla Charnock is so festive and charming, so many cute Robins all over the tree works really well and will work brilliantly on Christmas Card licensing.


Artist Scarlett Rebecca brings a more modern look with a lino print feel which adds a certain special something. The simple palette and boldness of the red colour works really well too.


More realistic depictions by artists Hazel Kelly and Maria Khersonets truly take on the gentility of the Robin – really sweet depictions that are versatile for many licensing options.

00025008hk_wm 00024322mk_wm

Here is a real jolly piece by artist Lucy Farfort. Fun and festive, these four characters are pure joy, and very cute too.


Lastly, this piece by Martin Baines, has a lovely warming mood about it, the tones of the design work really well to create a Christmassy feel, and the Robin is gorgeous too!


Cover Image by Jan Pashley.


Design Roundup: Far Away Winter

This week I am rounding up some gorgeous Winter scenes by Pure Artists. With the move in to Autumn, I am feeling the chill a little but feel super inspired to be designing new things and thinking of new seasons. The Pure artists have a wide range of beautiful far away scenes to offer, whether depicting sweeping snowy hillsides or winter walks in the park, there is plenty to consider.

Firstly artists Richard Smythe and Maria Clancy both provide stunning winter hillside scenes depicting deer. Both pieces have a really strong mood and a drama about them, really exceptional work.

00022430rs_wm 00026088mcl_wm

Next, artists Clive Hills, Clare Buckle and Libby Taylor create simpler snowy woodland scenes. It is the space within these works that really evokes a certain tranquility. Perfect for Christmas licensing, very peaceful and beautiful pieces.


00022434cb_wm 0000869lt_wm

Artists Mark Clifton and Anna Aitken create more folky and quirky works, these are some personal favourites of mine. They have a real charm, with lots of sweet, festive details.

00024341mc_wm 00026380aa_wm

Lastly artists Ruth Sanderson, Susan Haseltine and Julia Crossland all provide very striking works. All quite different from each other but all offer strong, unique works for Christmas. All of these would make commercially strong greeting cards for todays market. Great works.




Cover Image by Chloe Holwill-Hunter.